Buckets messing up

when I went to edit the page I had my buckets listed as such: 296,297,298,295

I went to add a new bucket to this list like so: 296,297,298,295,3707
when I did this I was surprised to see that half of my buckets had disappeared.

now to fix it I had to list my Buckets like this: ,296,297,298,295,

with the extra commas at least all my buckets show up. However, they aren’t in the order I want. any ideas as to what could have happened?

bonus question I accidently turned a resource page into a resource folder. I moved the page from the folder to the correct folder but the resource is still a folder. Will this cause any problems?

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There is a checkbox “Container” on the “Settings” tab of the resource to change it back.

What exactly is a bucket?


I believe resources now automatically become folders when they have children and lose their folder status when the last child is removed.

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unfortunately it does not go back automatically but the reply above was correct.

Thank you very much for solving my folder issue. As for the buckets, I am using a Chunk along with the Content Blocks extra. Might be hard to fix without being able to play around with it. Basically the bucket is a picture link to another page.

The be able to help, you have to describe in more detail what you are doing.

So you have field in ContentBlocks.

  • What is the input type of this field? (A repeater? A link? I’m not sure what you mean by picture link.)
  • What is the template of this field?
  • What is the purpose of this field and where is that chunk used?

The input type is a text field and I input as I have shown in my original post. I am not quite sure what you mean by template.

The purpose of the field and chunk is to generate an image that is a link to another page. each page has a template variable bucket where you pick the image to be displayed when you want to use its bucket (link to that page)

In the top menu go to “Extras” → “Content Blocks”. In the tab “Fields” right-click on the used field and select “Edit Field”. In the window that opens go to the vertical tab “Properties”.

There has to be a snippet-call somewhere to convert your list of ids into the links with pictures.


here’s a quick snip of the code behind the bucket. The errors on the side say they are expecting a name entity and got none

What’s the rest? You cut off the interesting part :wink:

haha sorry, here is the rest.


Ok, so the call to getResources is disable (indicated by the - after [[) and pdoResources is used to create the links.

To fix the sorting issue, you have to copy the &sortby property from the getResources call to the pdoResources call.

Also, the -1 in the property &parents of the pdoResources call should be a 0. (But that’s not the problem here.)

It’s unclear to me, why you had to add the extra commas to get the right result. Maybe you can do some tests. Call pdoResources directly on a test page and check the results.

    &sortby=`FIELD(modResource.id, 296,297,298,295)`
    &tpl=`@INLINE <li>{{+pagetitle}} ({{+id}})</li>`

If the results are incorrect, analyze the SQL query (‘SQL prepared’) that is output with &showLog=`1` .


Thank you, I will test some changes later today.

Sorry if I’m reading into this wrong, but it sounds like someone else set this up for you. In that case I would suggest at least looping them in on what you’re changing.

It’s also worth checking if the resources you’re linking to are all published and available.

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I think adding a child, then removing it, would have worked too.