Broken magnifier search after update up to 2.7.1


Please help, I’ve updated my pre-production website up to 2.7.1 (2.6.5-2.7.0-2.7.1) version, some packages were updated too.
Suddenly I’ve noticed broken backend search, here is what I have now:

modx.searchbar.js:291 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'id' of null
at MODx.SearchBar.toggle (modx.searchbar.js:291)
at HTMLAnchorElement.onclick (?a=resource/update&id=6:185)

Did you manage something like it this? If so please let me know what happened and how this can be fixed.

Repeated installations, clear cache, compressed js/css, partly replaced manager and core folder files etc… all that can’t help.

I don’t want to roll back to 2.6.5 but if we can’t find any solution I have to do that. myprepaidcenter.

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Chances are you need to hard reload your browser cache. It’s likely conflicting cached JavaScript.

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