Brainstorm possible MAB #2

This is a publicly readable discussion conducted by the initial group of members who met in Amsterdam on this topic.

Notes from March 23, 2019:

P.s. Please let me know if you believe that something is not described correctly in the document.


So let’s start:

  • Anyone have any new additional ideas/suggestions?
  • A response to our meeting last Friday?
  • Any thoughts on how to proceed?

I’ll kick off with my suggestion:

  1. Define together a final task description for the MAB (next 2 weeks or so).
  2. Open registration MAB #2 again (after finalizing step 1).
  3. MAB #1 makes a selection for the MAB #2 (4 weeks after opening registration).
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Agreeing on most things. I’d propose a short meeting with previous members (who are willing to quickly join) to find a (new?) task description for the MAB. So we can open registrations much faster and not lose too much time – that’s what happened already.


Agree to Christian: new task description, clear responsibilities for the MAB itself and individual member roles. As in most organizations, people need to have certain responsibilities in order to make everything work. I’m all for making the MAB more efficient, have better communication channels and finally create that year-roadmap.

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From my side I would like to say that we should less focus on the MAB itself but try to solve real problems of the project even if we don’t have enough of active MAB members or still don’t have a consensus or etc.

Most of issues and problems are know and we need to start searching solutions.


I am convinced that every larger organization with many people (so many opinions) needs some form of leadership/guidance. This should improve efficiency and speed (in general but also for development specific) instead of the opposite.

I agree with Christian’s proposal. @christianseel do you want to take the initiative for this and try to plan this in the short term?

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Most of issues and problems are know and we need to start searching solutions.

It’s in the name: MODX Advisory Board. I will provide a more substantive response with my ideas for the MAB later.

Let’s get things started and have a kickoff meeting as we all agree on that. I’ll invite previous MAB members and would keep it open for those with write access here (so people taking part of the original discussion).

I started a doodle here to find a date/time:

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Two of the suggested dates (19.4 and 21.4.) are holidays in Germany. Both are Christian holidays. So maybe they are not chosen very well for a kickoff meeting.

Thanks jako for the hint. I just added some more dates for the next week which should be easier for those with public holidays.

After talking to Jason it turned out that all the different time options are more or less useless based on previous experience with MAB meetings who always had been at the same time.

That’s why I started a 2nd Doodle now with a single timeslot per day, starting next week:

Please add you availability!

Hi everyone,

we’ll have our meeting TOMORROW, April 25th at 14:30 UTC (16:30 CEST = 8:30am MDT = 17:30 MSK).

Please follow the #mab channel in the MODX Community Slack tomorrow for details and the hangout link!

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