Bounty - TV input type in Client Config - £750 GBP/ $1000 USD/900 EUR

BOUNTY - Open to discussion. I welcome a discussion with anyone that would like to take on this task with regards to £££ funding! Currently set at £750 GBP/ $1000 USD, 900 EUR

Summary of task = In client config - accept a TV type for input… I’d see it being where the current “Field Type” is, or underneath, and it links to a TV you’ve already made in MODX. (Similar to the way you can do it in MIGX currently)

Goal = Take any input TV and use that in Client config. My personal goal (and an indication of success for this bounty) would be to have a MIGX TV and ImagePlus TV in client config… Would save creating MODX resources and assigning TV’s to that.

A very nice clean simple place for global website values.Must work in Revo, and 3!

Greetings. If you are still looking for someone to tackle this project, I have a few questions:

  • Is there a timeline/deadline you had in mind?
  • Will you be seeking exclusive use of this new functionality or would the updated component be open for public use? If the former, I’d need to check with the component’s author before proceeding.
  • Could you provide an example of a MIGX TV you’d envision using and how you’d see accessing its data from the config? I just want to be really clear on your needs here.

I’ve done a lot of work of late (contributing to MODX) in the realm of TVs as well as working with Ext JS in that area and others within the manager, so I’m confident I could help you. It’s just a matter of assessing how complex the task will be.

Note that MIGX is still not fully 3.x-compatible (yet) and is currently not installable via the manager’s installer.

I look forward to hearing back from you soon!