Booking addon for MODX?


A client has a guest house and he wants a system on his new website to allow visitors to book the rental on free dates (and therefore see those occupied) and finally be able to pay online.
I already know Commerce by modmore for the payment system, but I’m not sure how to implement the reservation system with MODX.

How would you do it?

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There will be an addition to Agenda from modmore called Cursus in September/October. It works well currently as closed beta and ‚just‘ has to be documented.


It’s logical !
I’m glad to ear this.
I will come back to you if my quote is validated !

I posted a free extra I made for booking seats at a local farm to table restaurant, using Paypal to checkout.
If you want to repurpose it to fit your needs.

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Interesting !
It’s look simple and easy to use, but maybe not adapted in my use case because I need date management…

The restaurant is only open seasonally so the title of the event was like " Friday October 20th Dinner", etc. It’s extremely basic so anyone could mold it.