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I’ve looked at using Collections but then it’s a case of using Quip (not keen on that) or Disqus. I could go back to using articles but again ,uses quip and is a big old package.
Anybody used Tickets? Doesn’t seem to be much discussion about it anywhere but it does seem to be well-maintained.

Feel your doubts about articles. I remember an older thread of mine, where Mark mentioned Tickets to be a good alternative:

There might be some more hints about other commenting extras in that thread, but looks like Disqus or Tickets is where it’s at.

I’m trying to cut down on the number of extras in use and get used to using pdoTools rather than getResources / Wayfinder hence not really wanting to use Articles (although it does work well). My understanding is that Disqus will mean that logging-in to comment isn’t dependent on setting up an account via Modx - is that correct? Tickets makes me nervous is I’m really front-end and don’t want to be asking for support every 5 minutes.

Hi! may someone has a definitive conclusion for this discussion please? We want to indegrate comment on a blog project, using just Collection or modDocument to display. Which comment extras is good and secure for you. Thank to all of you.

It really depends on the nature of the site and how tightly integrated you want it. I’ve done Quip, Disqus and Facebook. All three are valid depending on the use case. Disqus has the benefit of sophisticated antispam technology. Quip is nice because you can manage everything within your site and it can be tailored to match the site design to the pixel. As for tickets, it’s likely similar to quip in terms of why to choose it. Facebook or other embedded social comments tools might be valuable if the audience would have accounts there already.

Like everything in MODX, there are many correct ways to solve a problem. Good luck.

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Thank you very much that’s nice of you.