Blank frontend pages with MODX 3.0.3 an PHP8

I recently upgraded to Revo 3.0.3 and have the following Extras installed.

  • getCache
  • getResourceField
  • If
  • MIGX
  • pdoTools
  • pThumb
  • Resizer
  • sitemapFriend
  • translit

Everything works well with PHP 7.4. But after switching to PHP 8.0 I get empty pages in the frontend. I tried it with the blank template and just a little text in the ressource - no luck. The error log is empty. Turning off all plugins didn’t help.

The problem is that the hoster will turn of PHP 7.4 so I must find a solution. Has anyone any idea?

It could be that Resizer creates the problem. Maybe try setting the system setting phpthumbof.use_resizer to no to see if that fixes things.

Thank you. I will try it as soon as the website is running again.

Did you just check the MODX error log or also the server error log?

The MODx error log. There is no log on the server. phpthumbof.use_resizer is set to off

The system setting extension_packages is another way that code of extras can run on a request to MODX.

And in MODX 3, a bootstrap.php file in the package folder core/components/{package-name}/ can also be used to initialize an extra.

Thank you so much for your help. Nevertheless I will try it the other was round: Setting up a clean MODx3 and installing/importing extras, chunks, content step by step to see, when the trouble is starting. (Hopefully never.)

Okay, seems to be an outdated markdown-plugin that’s causing the problems.