Blank areas of manager

MODX 3.0.3 and php8.1. Is my graphics card on its way out or is this a MODX problem? I’m only seeing this in a couple of sites running 3.0.3 in Chrome. Blank / grey areas in the manager until you scroll or click in them - see attached image (red area is what I’ve blanked out)

Does it happen incognito mode?

Have you tried disabling your Chrome addons? Sometimes they interfere with each other in ways that mess up the view.

Also, try turning off the compress_js and compress_css System Settings if they’re on.

Thanks Bob.

I tried Firefox and there was no problem except resources were slow to load. I’d already switched off extensions in Chrome and that compression is always off on my sites.

I’ve just switched on Hardware Acceleration in Chrome and then restarted everything - problem seems to be solved but I can’t help thinking I’d switched Hardware Acceleration off because of another problem!

It’s always something. :wink:

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