Best way to import documents into an new MODx installation

Hi there,

I have a MODx-Tree like this:

  • Doc 1
  • Doc 2
  • Doc 3
    |_ Subdoc 1
    |_ Subdoc 2
    |_ Subdoc 3

The “Subdocs” are made with TVs.
The Installation ist a few years old. Therefor there is a lot of old and not used stuff that confused me. I want a new clear install and rebuilt the site - but not the “Subdocs”.

What is the best way to export the “Subdocs” and import it into the new clear install?

maybe have a look into teleport
modxcms/teleport: Teleport is a packaging toolkit for MODX Revolution (

Would a utility snippet to delete the ones you don’t want work for you?

Do the TVs you want to remove all have the same name?

Hi bruno17, the Site will be on a shared host, therefor I dont have root access. For me it looked like “Teleport” must have root access.

Hi bobray,

you mean delete all the docs on the site witch are not needed later in the new install and then roll back the SQLdump?
Hm, I guess that this can cause a lot of trouble, imho.

They are a few TVs: “blabla1”, “blabla2”, “blabla3” … and so on.

Is it possible to dump the section of the “Subdocs” via PHPmyAdmin and insert it into the new install?
But, the TVs are also needet…and what specific section is needet? … a lot of confusion …

OK, I can set up the TVs with the exact names of the old one inside the new installation?!
That can solve the TV-Problem.

you just need SSH access, which most hosters should have

I’m afraid I still don’t understand what you want to do. Your original post says that you don’t want the subdocs in the new installation, but you’re asking if you can export them and import them into the new install. I also don’t know what “the subdocs are made with TVs” means. Are the subdocs resources?

It’s probably overkill for what you want to do, but the MyComponent extra will let you create a transport package containing pretty much any part of an existing site, which you can then simply install at the new site to import everything. You don’t need SSH to run it.

Hi bobray,

sorry that was my fault. What I meant is that “I do not want to rebuilt the subdocs”.
So I want to keep only the subdocs.

Hi Bruno,

I dont have knowlege about working with SSH. So for me the approach can be a little bit overkill.

Are the subdocs resources?

What do you mean when you say they are “made with TVs”?

I have used importX to accomplish this task in the past.

First create a GetResources/pdoResources call to output the content you wish to move.

The resource that has the above call should used content type .csv and the tpl chuck should use csv formatting standards. Some of the TVs and content will need output modifiers to do things like convert commas to their html entity values. The last project I did this required a local script to clean up and format the content for importX.

Depending on the content/data importX might have problems.

I really wish @markh would update importX, as this has been wonderful for us to upload a great deal of content to MODX.