Best way to add multiple images to a resource TV?

I need a way to add multiple images (a dozen or so) to a new resource every week in a way that can display the images as a slideshow, but also be listed outside the resource with information like how many images files are attached, the file names, or links to download them, etc.?

I was thinking about using MIGX, but it seems I can only add one item at a time to the MIGX grid which will get really tedious with a dozen images. Is there a way to add multiple items to a MIGX TV in a single go, or drag and drop, etc.

Is there a better MODx add-on to manage multiple images on a resource page?

For a solution with MIGX, take a look at the tutorial Using resource-specific mediasource and multifile-uploader with MIGX.

As an alternative solution, you could maybe use the Gallery extra, or MoreGallery from modmore.

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Do you know if Gallery and MoreGallery are standalone resources or do they act as a TV to an existing resource? I have other items like PDFs, PowerPoint Shows, or Videos that are attached as well, so a separate photo gallery resource might not be ideal.

With Gallery you use a separate manager page, to manage the different albums. Then you use a snippet to display the images of an album on a resource.

With MoreGallery you manage the album in a resource. It doesn’t use a TV but extends the MODX-resource (if I recall correctly). But I don’t know if you can still add other TVs to this album-resource.

Correct, MoreGallery is a custom resource type.

You can, of course.

MoreGallery also supports PDFs and YouTube/Vimeo videos. No Powerpoint or self-hosted videos though, so that may not serve all your needs.

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