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Best way for member pages

Just trying to work out the best way to go about creating the following scenario…

  • Members are created manually by admin, the member name being the alias.

  • Members are searchable and listed in the public front end.

  • Each member has a set of TV’s for specific information plus a richtext area they can edit once they become a member. so they maintain their own page.

That’s it in a nutshell.
My questions are should/could i use FRED for frontend editing by members (i’ve not used FRED before but have been reading about it)?
I was just going to use a member template and a resource for each member - is this the best way?
Lastly - what are the options for importing the current website data for the members into a Modx install (there are 700+ members so importing current data would be helpful)?

Any advice appreciated.


You could also consider making each of the members a user, and make user of @bobray’s excellent Class Extender and provide additional fields for each user.

I gave a talk about doing this a few years ago. Here is a link to a PDF of my slides which outline roughly what my method was.

I agree with using the member system, it’s simply build for this. You could use the user profile + extended fields for al your data. Then you could make a profile front-end for your users that sets and save the data to the extended fields.

Let us know what works for you.


Thanks for the advice, I’ll take a look.