Best practice: Let users change their username?

I’ve been using the Login Extra to let users register to a website and also went through the (really great and easy to follow) documentation to build a profile and also a change profile page.

By default, there was never an option included to change the username though, whether in the tutorial or the general update profile Snippet. Now, I’m aware that I could simply add the respective input fields, but I was wondering if the absence has a specific reason.

So my question is: Should users be able to edit their own username?

Sure, no problem. The users have an id number, so the name can change as can the email under normal conditions.

I used to mess a bit with users functions when I was playing with the old Discuss forum extra. It had an update profile snippet…I believe it also had display name in addition to user name.

Now if your users might do naughty things like pretend to be other people, you might not want them to have this ability.