Best backup strategy before doing an upgrade?

After having miserably failed a MODX 2.8 → MODX 3 upgrade, my question is:

How to set up a complete backup (on a shared-server provider installation with no full server access)?

Can anyone please suggest a good strategy that would be easy for a user, and allow a complete roll-back in case an upgrade fails?

What exactly needs to be backed up, and how would you do it?

You have to back up the files and the database.

Perhaps you can use the extra BackupMODX for this:

For a manual backup maybe read the documentation about Moving Your Site (as this is similar).

To install from the backup, you probably still need access to phpMyAdmin (or similar) to import the database.

Your hosting provider may also automatically back up your site periodically. Perhaps check if that is the case.

Cheers. So we’ll have a look into BackupMODX (after the other problems are repaired). I actually checked out “Moving Your Site”, so we’ll have to either tar/zip/rsync all files plus create a DB dump?

I dimly seem to remember we get a (severely restricted) shell access with the provider used, so maybe ssh’ed rsyncing might be an option (should they provide that).

Has anyone already tested BackupMODX and did a test restore?
Does BackupMODX backup hidden files, file permissions and owners?