Beginners questions


I just installed MODX using the Hosts automatic installer. So far, it looks good and easy. I just have a few beginners questions.

  1. I can’t edit the pages (“Home” and the new one) in the big window. Only a click on "fast edit (I think that’s the name since my installation is in german) let me edit the pages. It opens in a new window.
  2. why is the test page (“Testz”) marked like it would be inactive?
  3. I need a kind of form, where users can enter some data, which will be stored in a database and displayed to other users in a kind of table. No mails are supposed to be sent here.
    E.g. User 1 enters data A, B and C, User 2 enters data D and E, it shall be displayed for everyone which data belongs to which user.
    Does anyone know which plugin to use for this use?

Thanks in advance and best regards.

What exactly do you mean by that? Can’t you change the values of the fields? Or does saving the resource don’t work?

This is because the page is unpublished (and won’t get displayed on the frontend).
To publish the page, change the state of the checkbox “published” (“Veröffentlicht”).

The extra MIGX can be used to create custom database tables.
To enter data from a form, you could use the extra FormIt and create a custom hook.
(Such an implementation would probably require some additional help, as it’s more of an advanced task.)

Thanks for your answers.
According to No. 1, I attached a picture that shows, nothing gets displayed. I tried with a bigger view where you can see what I don’t see.

For No. 3: This could be done using Google docs. But I don’t want to use Google.

I think, that are three different topics. So you should better open one topic for each question.

No. 1: When you click the arrow in the right hand corner (see the image), it should display the fields again.

No. 3: I don’t know any existing extra in MODX, that does something similar to Google docs.
You can certainly implement a custom solution, but this requires some experience with MODX.

Do you have any errors in the Browser console? Maybe you should disable the compress_js system setting.

Oh man, I must be blind! Thanks, this was it. This point is solved.

No. 2 has been solved before and No.3: I will handle that as an open point and if the rest is done, think about it again. Maybe a extern (not-MODX) script can help.

That should be possible with Formit and a custom hook, like formit2db, maybe together with MIGX, for listing the items and managing them from the manager.

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This is the way. Bruno has spoken :heavy_heart_exclamation: