Batcher for Modx 3



So I understand that Batcher does not work with Modx 3. Does anyone know when it will become available?
Or does anyone have a Batcher alternative? I don’t see how you’re able to manage a site with a lot of content without a tool like that?

Thanks & cheers --Mike


MODX 3.0.4 pl - Modx Cloud

I did rewrite the code to MODX 3 a while ago and created a pull request

But seemingly no-one cared to create an official new release.

I could create a transport-package and put it on Github, if you want to.

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Youu HAVE to be AT LEAST nine/tenths trained Harry by now right? :laughing:


If you could do that @halftrainedharry I will call you @fulltrainedharry from now on! I assume I could then just upload that package in the installer, right?

Thanks a million!

Cheers --Mike

Here is the link to the transport package:

If you encounter any problems, please let me know.

You can use drag&drop in the “Package Management” (menu “Extras” → “Installer”) to add the transport package to the list.

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Installed it, but when I select the extra I just get an empty screen… But no need to focus on that just for me for now, because I think your Collections tip may have presented me with an alternative, no?

Thanks & cheers --Mike

Do you mean, that when you select the menu item “Extras” → “Batcher”, the right side of the screen stays empty?
Are there any (related) error messages in the developer tools of the browser or in the MODX error log (“Manage” → “Reports” → “Error Log”)?

I tested this transport-package in a fresh installation of MODX 3.0.4-pl, and it seems to work fine.

Works well for me too. Great to see this excellent extra in MODX3 - thanks.

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Yes exactly like you describe @halftrainedharry :

I did try to install the production version of Batcher earlier (which did not work of course), but I deinstalled and removed it prior to installing your version.

The error log shows nothing…

Thanks --Mike

Did you try clearing the cache? Also the browser cache (or do a “hard refresh”)?

Clearing the browser cache did it! Seems to work perfectly now, thanks!

Cheers --Mike

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