BakupModx TimeOut Error

I am not able to backup Modx with the help of BackupModx Extra.
I can backup database. But I can not backup the files.
When I select the Files, I get Timeout error after few seconds(4-5 seconds).
Happens on all my sites on same server. I am owner of my VPS so I can change and configure everything.
Using PHP 8.2. So any help would be good for me.
Its my playground site so I can share the url in screenshot.

No, the error log not showing anything about this error.

Did you try disabling magpie?

Maybe changing the max_execution_time helps.
Or you could try adding a set_time_limit line to the processor code, that does the file backup.

What is that? I dont have enable I guess…

Changed max execution time to 3000 and still getting error…

All the errors in your error log are coming from MagpieRSS, so it must be installed or used somewhere.

It looks like max_execution_time is already set in the code.

The default should be 2 minutes, so a timeout is probably not the cause of the error. Maybe it’s a memory limit?

Did you also check the PHP error log on the server to see if there is an error message in there, or only the MODX error log?

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No log. I saw that they released a new version… let me update it…
Edit : After updating latest version, Its got working.
I read on change log that the Extra now supports PHP 8. My Modx is on PHP 8.2
Its working now. Super fast backup done!