BackupMODX Issue


Broken elements on widget and console error when clicking the backup button.

Step to reproduce

Just installed the backupmodx extra and placed the widget on the default dashboard.

Observed behavior

Errors in console (see attached) and possibly broken widget structure. No action performed on click.

Expected behavior



MODX version tagged when creating the issue, Apache or NGINX with version, MySQL version, browser, etc. Any relevant information.
MODX 2.7.1, MySql 5.6.43, Chrome 73.0.3683.86

I just installed it to try and replicate your issue. I don’t get the same error, but the backup zip that it creates doesn’t contain a database (even though it was ticked) and the download buttons fail when trying to download the backup to a local machine.

Ok, that is strange. I just tested it and everything workes perfect.

I hope to release an Update in the next weeks with a better error-handling and checking for required libraries mysqldump, zip etc.

thanks for the replies. I’ll give it a try shortly with a newer php environment just in case it’s that.