BackupMODX install issues

Having some trouble installing BackupMODX. This is the point where it just sticks (installing/updating dependencies). I’ve left it for half an hour like that. I’ve also tried removing it from the grid, then redownloading it but it does the same thing. Any ideas?



The 3.1.0 version installs the composer dependencies directly with (a built in) composer. Can you take look into the php error log?

The php error logs don’t show anything connected with that install attempt. Again I uninstalled (removed from grid) then tried installing.

For some reason the composer dependencies are not installed. The install should look like this (in MODX3 - MODX2 has some different colors).

Bildschirmfoto 2023-05-23 um 12.08.19

Which PHP Version are you using? Just to be sure: Did you look into the PHP log or into the MODX log?

PHP 7.4. MODX 2.8.5. The PHP error log on the server is what I was looking at. The modx error log just has this:

(open img in new tab to see better)

Hi there. Sometimes I get this kind of behavior when my permissions get messed up. Ensure that none of your folders are owned by root or don’t give proper access to your web user, usually www-data. Also, try to first remove any references to failed installations like namespaces and system settings, then try to reinstall

I don’t see a reason, why this could happen. Are you allowed to excecute terminal commands on the host? Can you execute the composer.phar in core/components/backupmodx and install the dependencies directly to see if there are errors?