BackupMODX install issues

Having some trouble installing BackupMODX. This is the point where it just sticks (installing/updating dependencies). I’ve left it for half an hour like that. I’ve also tried removing it from the grid, then redownloading it but it does the same thing. Any ideas?



The 3.1.0 version installs the composer dependencies directly with (a built in) composer. Can you take look into the php error log?

The php error logs don’t show anything connected with that install attempt. Again I uninstalled (removed from grid) then tried installing.

For some reason the composer dependencies are not installed. The install should look like this (in MODX3 - MODX2 has some different colors).

Bildschirmfoto 2023-05-23 um 12.08.19

Which PHP Version are you using? Just to be sure: Did you look into the PHP log or into the MODX log?

PHP 7.4. MODX 2.8.5. The PHP error log on the server is what I was looking at. The modx error log just has this:

(open img in new tab to see better)

Hi there. Sometimes I get this kind of behavior when my permissions get messed up. Ensure that none of your folders are owned by root or don’t give proper access to your web user, usually www-data. Also, try to first remove any references to failed installations like namespaces and system settings, then try to reinstall

I don’t see a reason, why this could happen. Are you allowed to excecute terminal commands on the host? Can you execute the composer.phar in core/components/backupmodx and install the dependencies directly to see if there are errors?

I’m have this same issue. I’m upgradding Modx and all the extras but BackupModx is having it.

This is the version history

backupmodx-3.1.0-pl - Downloaded on 2023-11-15
backupmodx-3.0.3-pl - Downloaded on 2021-08-25
backupmodx-2.0.1-pl - Installed on 2019-06-13
backupmodx-1.0.5-beta - Installed on 2018-06-04

I noticed it was showing as not installed in the grid, but I thought it might work with a new version of Modx so I continued my upgrade to Modx to 3.0.4

I upgraded php from 7.4 to 8.1 after upgrade to Modx 3.0. Then upgraded Modx to 3.0.4

The error log has this:

[Wed Nov 15 11:42:14.737736 2023] [authz_core:error] [pid 32458:tid 23123038766848] [client] AH01630: client denied by server configuration: /home/xxxxxxx/public_html/core/docs/changelog.txt

The changelog.txt file permission is 644.

Note: I used SiteDash to update all the extras. During that process, SiteDash reported all the jobs failed. Yet when I went to the Modx grid they all show updated. I check a few version numbers to confirm they were the latest and the few I checked were current.

If this is an ownership issue as mentioned previously, I don’t know how to address this.

Any help is appreciated.

Can you post the content of the install console here? Where does it stop? Is it similar to the result of John? Are you allowed to execute the composer.phar?

The posted error is the default ‘is the core folder readable’ check of MODX.

The install console is just like the one posted here.
When I upgraded PHP on the server, the phar extension was not enabled so I enabled it via the cpanel.

The core folder permission is 0755.

So this may not be related. . .

I tried changing the target directly for backup files. I originally had it in the assets folder, but decided I wanted the backup folder to be outside of that so I put in at the same level as the assets folder. This generated a bunch of different errors. So I changed it back.

I’ve since cleared the modx cache and my browser cache. Now when I rerun it I get the same install console as above.

Finally, circling back to this.

I completely uninstalled backupmodx and removed it from the grid. Downloaded the latest version and reinstalled. There were a bunch of errors in the log as it installed but it finally reported a successful installation.

When I attempted to backup the site, it timed out. The DB was backed up but not the files. So I’ll have to dig into that separately.

Thanks for the help.