Backend User Permissions

I created a media source called “Medien” to grant a limited access to the file system for specific backend users. After that, I created a backend user. This user has limited backend permissions (via ACL settings). This user is a content editor and shall only have access to the media source named “Medien”.
How can I now hide the “Filesystem” from the left pane underneath “Dateien” (Files) but keep the “Medien” accessible?


Give your administrator user group full permissions to the filesystem media source - that will restrict it so user groups without that permission can’t access it.

Thank you Mark, that did the trick.

This is how I set the permissions:

  • Settings (Gear-Icon) > Permissions (ACLs) > right-click Administrator > edit User Group
  • Go to the Tab Permissions , click on Media Source Access and then click “Add Mediasource”.

Set the three fields of the new dialogue like so:

  • Source => Filesystem
  • Minimum Role => Super User
  • Access Policy => Media Source Admin
  • Click save
  • click save again at the very top of the window.