BabelLinks - Full URL

I’m using Babel as I have a website with 2 different languages and it’s working perfectly fine, except for one area.

I have a page that doesn’t send me to the right tanslation page when I press the BabelLinks. It has to do with the text after the .html. I have a page that displapys names from a database in a list and when you press on a name, it opens up another page with their details.

I open this page
Irish URL:

And when I press the BabelLinks, it doesn’t go to this page
English URL:

It goes to this page
English URL:

It never picks up on the ?id=1 at the end.

Any ideas?

The problem could be, that here in the code

the request parameter id is deleted (because when you don’t use friendly urls, this parameter is used to determine the resource).

Maybe you can use a different name for the parameter than id, or maybe try if it works when you comment out the line unset($getRequest['id']); in the snippet.