AWS Amazon S3 bucket intergration

I’m trying to offload MODX Cloud-held images to an Amazon S3 bucket. I’ll add a CDN later, but in the meantime I am having difficulty setting up the bucket with the correct permissions. AWS documentation is laughable, with many very strong contradictions and poor unexplained advice, as I am sure many of us know.

Has anyone here succeeded in setting up an S3 bucket using PHP8+ and Modx 3+? Could you advise me how the bucket was secured and what permissions were given to whom, or the public, to access the objects. I’ve tried everything except using root credentials.

Using the Media Browser, and the File Editor I can see the file name and details, I can download the files to my local hard drive and they are fine, but I cannot see the images in the media browser. Modmore MoreGallery cannot see them either. MODX Support thinks that the media browser uses the api to get filenames, and to do downloads, but for generating image sit uses http, and http calls are currently being denied - 403. They also advise that it is likely that the AWS permissions are wrong.

I would of course be delighted to hear of any alternative to S3 as an image file server, with or without a CDN, that might be simpler to secure, and works with MODX 3.04

Problem solved. I will write a guide for MODX S3 users on how to use and secure S3 buckets from MODX.

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