Automatic closure of topics

I noticed that Discourse is automatically closing threads that have not had a reply for 30 hours. (At least it did on one thread I had contributed to).

I remember on the old forums that it was quite common for people to re-comment on old posts if they had something additional to add. Sometimes this would be an alternative solution to the issue raised, or further information on the problem.

I don’t know if that caused problems that I am unaware of, but I found it quite useful. It prevented people from creating new posts to discuss old problems.

Do people think it could be helpful if threads were not automatically closed?


Topics are closed after 48 hours if a solution is marked. If a solution is not marked, they remain open for a significant time. Discourse has the ability to open a new topic from an existing topic when this happens, under the Share/Link button next to the heart. This is preferable to prevent necroposting posts (especially if functionality might have changed, different issue that might have been related at first glance but isn’t, etc).

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Thank you. That all makes sense. I had not realised that the topic is only closed if a solution is not marked. The ability to open a new topic from an existing topic sounds ideal.

I had to look up the definition of ‘necroposting’!

Yup! The problem with just adding on to existing topics endlessly is you’ll find yourself with a 7 page thread eventually, with dozens of solutions to a problem that might look similar but could be wildly different. It’s much more preferable to open a new thread specifically for your environment.

Also, it is 48 hours from last reply. So as long as a post keeps getting updated it won’t auto close even if there’s a marked solution.

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This topic was automatically closed 2 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed.