Assistance with rebuilding a site from SquareSpace

What do you need?

I have a request for a conversion from a SquareSpace site into MODX. The site contains around 500 pages of data, with custom elements. The end requester would like to maintain as much of the original functionality as possible, but move it into a MODX environment to remove some limitations.

Their secondary request is to allow for hidden PDFs (downloadable when logged in, but not viewable or indexed otherwise.)

Let me know if this seems up your ally and we can talk a little further.

When do you need it?


What is your budget, in $ USD (or local currency) that you can offer for this task?


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Hi @matdave this is something we could help with, will ping you on slack

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This is something I’d be interested in talking further about too.

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Hi Mat ,
I am interested assisting you on migration.
Please share the existing SquareSpace site to review once

Looking forward to your reply


This listing has been passed to the client for review and closed.