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Assign each user to each Migx Gallery or resource page

Currently I can assign a Resource Group only to a resource page. But I have different requirement here…
I want my each user to show a particular Migx Gallery(or any other Gallery Extra resource page) which I want to assign manually.
I dont want them to register. I want to register by myself in dashboard and then assign each gallery resource to them one by one manually.
I just want them to login and view the gallery which is specially assigned to them.
I am using Login Extra.
I think here is hint in this link but I have little different scenario …
How can I achieve this ?

Thank you !! :slight_smile:

Maybe the Personalize Extra can help you out here?

Its great Extra but with this, i can only show users chunk.

What I want is to assign one resource to one user and another resource to another user.

Like their private pages.

Login extra can do this by setting a members area. But i dont know how to assign each resource to each user because i want to show different data to different users.

its just a matter of the right db - query to get all galleries (resources) assigned to a user.
If can’t/want to use resource-groups, you could have a select-TV, where you can select the users.
Then filter by that TV.