Articles plugin and SEO with pagination

I have a blog with hundreds of short blog posts using Articles extra.
The root of the site is the homepage, with a new post every day + short text paragraph.

Using pagination I display 10 posts per page, so most links have /?page=2 suffix
Every SEO audit ranks this as severe as I have duplicate tags

My main concern with this blog is SEO - any idea is welcome:

  • fix the title tag duplications
  • drop pagination for a better solution for seo
  • ?

for reference:

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Hi @agoraa,

Well, pagination is always an hassle when not having friendly URL style like Articles.
You can try to explore the Infinite Scroll using pdoTools (pdoPage specifically), but might become heavy when users do a long scroll. It will also take you some significant amount of time to make this change.

You have something similar to this from Modx here:

If you want to keep your current setup, have a look also on this thread that has some SEO techniques for Articles:

Hope that helps somehow.


What are the duplicate tags the SEO audit complains about?
I highly doubt it’s to do with the pagination parameters in the URL.

The exact error is:

When I look at the code, as example all of these links created by pagination have the same title tag:

ריקי שחם - פואטיקה | שירים | צילומים Riki Shaham

hi, the URLs created by pagination are (as example):

I wished to avoid infinite scroll as I’m not sure how the posts there are available for SEO?
I read the links you sent, but they refer to tags/author pages summarising posts, and my main feedback is regarding homepage pagination.

Thank you for taking time to reply!

Apparently in Google Search Console you can specify which params are allowed to be crawled.

I suppose you could also add pdoPage’s [[+page]] placeholder to the end of your page title so each page will be different.