Articles CSS / Alias Issue on Publish

I am trying to build a site and I am having a problem with articles I was hoping you could help with. When I create an article with my updated ArticleTemplate it looks good on preview, and is using my css. When I publish it, the styles are removed. All the links in the souce code to css files work fine and html is validated. I think this may have to do with the alias, since on draft it might be and on publish it is Any help would be great!

You could try: unpublish, save, publish, save and see if that makes a difference.

What is your Articles URL Format setting in Advanced Settings / General.

You could also try switching the News container page setting on or off. You would need to to unpublish the post, save and re-publish, save again.

Thank you for your reply! Actually I figured it out, I needed to put the full URL (not just the path) of all css files in the head section. This was the case even with the base url already defined. Took me hours to figure this out!

Glad you got t fixed but you shouldn’t need to do that. How are you defining your base url?