Article container showing blank page

“Article-Container” resource showing blank page in Modx v3.

  • What version of the extra Articles have you installed? Is this a fresh installation or did you update from an older version?
  • When you open the developer tools in the browser, are there any errors in the tab “Console”? Any request that fail in the tab “Network”?
  • Are there relevant errors in the MODX error log?

At first, It was showing the content but the broken layout that’s why I updated the Extra and the issue didn’t solve after that I removed and reinstalled the extra. Now it’s showing a blank page.

I installed the latest version of Articles (2.0.0-beta) on a MODX 3.0.1-pl installation (PHP 8.1) to see if there is a general problem with the Articles Container, but I can’t reproduce the issue.

So it seems to be specific to your setup. Unfortunately your screenshots are not very helpful.
The error in the “Console” tab is likely just a consequential error (cause by an unexpected result from a request).
In the “Network” tab there should be way more requests. Open the “Network” tab first, only then click the ‘News’-container to load the page. Are there any requests that fail? Also check the responses of the different requests.

Open the MODX error log (Manage → Reports → Error log). Does something get added to the error log if you try to open the ‘News’-container?

Fortunately, It has been fixed but I don’t know how it has happened.
Thanks a ton for replying.

Could you please tell me how I can add an article’s featured image?
Should I create a TV for it?