Are there any way to change culture_key dynamicly

Hello again. Still strugle with languages. I managed to output the content translated. But are there any way to change a culture key dynamicly? Basicly it must be saved during the user session. So I am not using the system setting method in oficial documentation because I afraid that it will affect other visitors of a site.

Actually I got it. You can just redifine this setting via session in a snipped.

$_SESSION['cultureKey']='en'; //for example

And after next refresh it will be redifined. For my particular task it is just fine. Because it will be used only on language change.

Sorry Actually I was mistaking the solution. I have found a better and working way to do it at
The right code that still work on modx 3 is

<a href="[[~[[*id]]? &cultureKey=`en`]]">English</a>

And the same for other languages,