Are the old forums archived somewhere for reference or has it been completely deleted?

I love Discourse, using a best in breed forum platform makes sense to me.

I feel like there was a lot of value in some of the threads on the old forums so I’m wondering if the old forums will still show up somewhere, can those archived forum pages be found by search engines etc.

To answer my own question (and for anyone else who is wondering): I found the URL to the archived old forums at

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Yeah it looks like they’ve just left them at the same address but removed all the login functionality.

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Yep! We plan to keep these indexed as a static site for the foreseeable future (read: at least years). There was time spent investigating if it was worth importing all the old data but, ultimately, it was decided that it was a ton of investment for something we could just archive indefinitely statically. If you have any PMs that you absolutely need, you can contact us to get those to you (with proper verification, of course).


Sounds like a great idea.

I would like to thank the MODX team for all the hard work that has gone into the new site and the new forums.

I am really pleased to read that the old forums are going to remain in place for the foreseeable future as I often refer back to old threads.

Also very happy that you have opted for Discourse.


Thanks so much, @andytough, and thanks for joining us. We plan to keep them at their URLs as well so that links will never expire. Enjoy the new forums and site!

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