Archivist with Modx3 - 404 error

Hi there,

I have installed Archivist to display a list of archive resources by month.
The list works fine, and the URL it creates is as expected

This is the archivist call:

<ul class="archiveList">[[!Archivist? &parents=`6` &target=`34` &tpl=`newsSidebarListTpl`]]</ul>

But I get a 404 error when clicking any of the links.

This is the target resource getArchives call:


<h2>[[!+arc_month_name]] [[!+arc_year]] Archives</h2>


Is there a compatibility issue with Modx3?

Any ideas? or alternatives I can use for listing archives?


The error log is empty BTW

Check the system setting archivist.archive_ids. Is the “target” resource (34) in the list?

Thanks - so this is interesting - there are no Archivist System settings at all!
I have reinstalled archivist - but there are still no system settings associated with the namespace

I believe this system setting should be created automatically when you run the snippet “getArchives” on a resource.
Try to view your “target” resource once directly (so that “getArchives” runs) and see if the setting gets created.

Ah OK - thanks. When I viewed the resource it gave me an error that getResources needs to be installed. I have been using pdoResources for this site, so didn’t have it installed! So now that’s installed, it’s no longer throwing a 404 error, and is working as expected.

My bad, I didn’t realise getResources was a dependency of this extra!

Thanks for the steer!


There should be a property &grSnippet that you can set.
“pdoResources” might work as well.

That wasn’t the cause of the 404.
The missing system setting was.

Ah Ok - will have a look - I prefer to keep my extras to a minimum!


Yes of course. Thanks

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