AMP - is anybody using it?

Just found out that Google has a project for creating smooth accelerated Mobile friendly pages called AMP.

Wondering if anybody out there in MODX land is using it. Looks interesting and am sure that there would not be too much trouble implementing it into a MODX template/chunk site.

Have you had any experience using this?

Further information on AMP can be found at

Looking forward to your comments.

Yes, it does wonder for ranking and page speed. I use for a little help :slight_smile:

It’s more geared towards news and blogging sites really the above extra is really useful for getting started. switchtemplate can also be used for it. in modx its really easy to do :slight_smile:

Be wary of AMP.

It means you’re giving your content to Google for free to use on their websites.

AMP pages aren’t your pages, their Google’s. That is: they sit within Google’s domain, so you get no traffic or benefit from them.

Google’s aim is to keep customers on their website and not send them to yours.
So Google will control the entire experience.

They’ve publicly stated this.

There’s an old business saying: “Never build your business on rented land”

If you think letting Google having complete control of your customers and their experience, not to mention your brand, is a good idea, then go for it.

But eventually they will charge you for access to your own customers.

Just like Facebook has done.

As I said, be wary.


Many thanks for all the great reply.:grinning:

Looks like I may leave AMP alone due to the corporate type websites I build. Security issues around giving Google access to the content would not be wise.

I am pretty for/gainst it. AMP can help with showing your content higher, but like tinder it is a swipe away from taking them to the next match. I do see people coming in on amp pages on sites I’ve built, so it’s all about getting them to your site and presenting good content. Google products still work in AMP for retargeting and tracking, so it doesn’t hurt.

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