Alternative for Quip

As I understand, Quip is not compatible with MODX3.
I’ve used Quip on several sites. Visitors can leave a review/comment for the product they bought. Just plain and simple, leave a comment, no threading.

Is there an alternative available? It would be nice if this extra also features a rating system.

Have you tried Tickets ? Tickets / Users / MODX extras /
The docs might be in Russian though, but it looks like a solid alternative to quip.

P.S. There is a working demo on their website: Про перспективы MODX 3 / Русскоязычное сообщество MODX
It looks pretty nice to be honest

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@carlo_13 Are you sure Tickets is compatible with MODX 3?


I’ve seen Tickets. The ‘problem’ is that you have to make an account. Furthermore, you must have a ticket to comment on, For reviews of products (e.g. books) that seems not very handy. Modstore also has a paid extra (EasyComm). It looks perfect - it has also a rating system - so I think I’ll buy that, it’s not that expensive.

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