After moving site to subfolder, not able to log-in in manager

I have created a modx revo 3.0.3 site at root ( / ). For production I have to move it /websites subfolder. I have updated all required variables in the following files:

  • core/config/
  • config.core.php
  • connectors/config.core.php
  • manager/config.core.php

Now website is working fine. Able to get the manager login page but it is not accepting the username/ password. Couldn’t find anything in modx log of apache log

In earlier 2.x versions I had done these several times without any issue.

I am using it on Ubuntu 22.04LT with Apache2

Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.



Mate normally when I do that change or a hosting change I find and replace all exiting paths in all the files and database using VS code or any other code editor, that to be sure that everything is covered, not just the config.core files.

Second step to follow is to reinstall (run setup) modx in the new place, just to be sure that everything is connected and running.

With those two steps there is not reason you can’t login into the manager.

If that is the case just checkt the table and check the user existi, if it exist just try to change the password via MYSQL:

UPDATE modx_users SET hash_class = 'hashing.modMD5', password = MD5('123456789') WHERE username = 'admin';

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Thanks a lot. I have run the setup again and now it is working.

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