After Installing Fred I'm Getting A Parsing error


After installing Fred and Fred (Creative One Page Theme) I am getting a parsing syntax error when trying to view page

I have created a resource and selected the Fred (Creative One Page Theme) as the template. Then when I click on “open in Fred” I am getting the following error showing in the browser:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘?’ in /home/website/public_html/ on line 1121

I have tried to followed the installation videos and searched the documentation but I am unsure what is causing this problem,
Can anyone enlighten me what I am doing wrong to cause this error?


MODX Revolution 2.7.0-pl
PHP V7.0.33
On a shared hosting environment (lynex apache with MySql)

Hi @jamesjazz,

I just replied to your other post.
I haven’t seen that error before in Fred. Is there anything in the content field of that resource?

Hi Digital Penguin I’ll move your reply over to here and respond in the next post:

My database version is as follows:

Database version: 5.6.40-84.0-log
Database charset: utf8

There are no Fred related errors in the MODX error log

There is nothing in the content field, I just have an empty resource linked to the Fred template

Hello, could you please try to upgrade to php 7.1.3+ or downgrade to 5.5.9+? PHP 7.0.X is not supported.

Requirements could be found here:

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Hi theBoxer,

You are correct, I updated to php 7.3.6 and now the page displays without any errors :smiley:

Can I be so bold as to suggest you place the minimum php requirements on the getting started page?

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They’ll get updated with the 1.1 release :slight_smile:

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Hi @theboxer

Sorry to hijack the topic, but do you have an estimation when Fred 1.1 final might be released? I know that beta 2 is 1 month old, but I am really using Fred intensively at the moment and 1.1 has some really important fixes. The idea would be to be back to automatic updates (that installing beta 2 manually breaks).

Many thanks in advance

Why not make a new topic, is there a Fred sub-category? We should make one. Its cool that users are out there waiting for this, and user feedback is always useful.

A new topic also could organize data better. You can mention the fixes you are interested in, this is highly valuable even if every suggestion is not implemented (as time goes on we could always have 3rd party solutions as well).

I don’t have a date for 1.1.0-pl. With a bit of luck we’ll release beta3 today.


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