Adding an image within the page

Images do not appear on some titles. I can change the texts, but I couldn’t find how to add images.

<div class="wrapper--helper">
<h3 class="about_info-title title">Proje Bilgisi</h3>
                                        <table class="about_info-table">
                                                <tr class="about_info-table_row">
                                                    <td class="property">Konum</td>
                                                    <td class="value">[[*place]]</td>
                                                <tr class="about_info-table_row">
                                                    <td class="property">Sektör</td>
                                                    <td class="value">[[*industry]]</td>
                                                <tr class="about_info-table_row">
                                                    <td class="property">Teknoloji</td>
                                                    <td class="value">[[*tech]]</td>
                                                <tr class="about_info-table_row">
                                                    <td class="property">Statü</td>
                                                    <td class="value">[[*status]]</td>
                                    <a class="modal btn blog_btn" href="[[~[[*id]]? &scheme=`https`]]#modal_form">İLETİŞİM</a>

Code is like this

Try this first. Make sure all templates have this (with the !) in the head section:

<base href="[[!++site_url]]" />

Maybe try the “Template Variables” tab to see if an image template variable exists.

This code doesn’t corresponds to the screenshot you posted. There is no <img> tag in this code.

I started solving modx because of you friends.

Meanwhile, from template variables, I found the image attachment. But when I enter the same place on the page in the image, it does not exist.

Does the image not show for a certain language or for all the languages?

With Localizator the value of a Template Variable can be language-dependent.

You may have to set the value for the specific language.

It’s the same in all languages.

For example, I added a visual from the items on a different page. Pictures didn’t show up despite being the right place.

Your page seems to use the phpThumbOn extra to create thumbnails of the images. Maybe something goes wrong there.

Does it work if you output the value of the image template variable directly without calling phpthumbon?

I saw in snippets. Should I do something here?

No, don’t change the snippet!

I assume the template variable with the images is of type MIGX.
So in the code there is probably a call to the snippet getImageList to output the images (with title and description).

[[getImageList? &tvname=`your_tv_name` &tpl=`some_chunk_name`]]

In this snippet call the property &tpl sets the template that is used for a single entry. Usually it’s the name of a chunk.

In this chunk phpThumbOn is probably used to create the thumbnail → [[+image:phpthumbon=`w=200&h=200&zc=1`]]. Maybe as a test try to output the placeholder directly → [[+image]], just to see if that works and if the path to the image is correct.

I couldn’t figure out if there was something I did wrong. The image is not visible in that topic. :worried: