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ACL Permissions | Control The Landing Page, or Limiting content displayed on the Welcome Page

If I am restricting a user group to a very very limited amount of items they can access… is there a way to also limit what they see on the welcome page? Currently I have permissions working the way I want, but if I exclude ability to view Welcome page, and error is returned. The welcome page, while helpful to me, may only serve to confuse this group of users.

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Could always write a snippet like

$adminGroup  = $modx->getOption('group', $scriptProperties,'admin');

if ($modx->user->isMember($adminGroup) ) {
  return 1;
} else {
  return 0;

Then use it as an output modifier

  <p>Your hidden code here </p>
` ?group=`yourAdminGroup`]]

@bobray solution:

If you’re referring to the welcome page as the first site people see, when logging into MODX, you can customize that by creating a custom Dashboard and asign that to your desired user group. Within the Dashboard you can hide all the Widgets (News, Security, Recent Activities, …) you don’t want your users to see.

See more details here.


You mean within the Modx manager? I think that’s called the dashboard, and you can make another one for them using the snippet that @inside-creative posted to deliver it to them according to their user group

Here, he has made one for admins, or for everyone else

BTW the <? in php is always prepended in Modx new snippet files I believe, so when you deleted it, there were probably two originally

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Thank you both for the excellent feedback. I jumped in the deep end last night and learned leaps and bounds with setting up users and permissions with great success. I’m excited to now try creating the custom dashboard.
Thank you tons!


Process went very smooth for creating a simple, custom dashboard. I created a widget with some instructional text, and included the configuration check. The only little snag is that upon load the word “undefined-” is displayed in front of the name of the dashboard name. When I reload the page “undefined-” changes to the Website Name.

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