Access policy problem with Media

Hi there

I have set up a new user group and access policy for ‘admin lite’ to allow the user to do very basic tasks.
I have removed access to all of the menus on the left (MODX3), but the ‘media’ button is still visible. I can’t work out how to hide this in my access policy.
Also, as they don’t need access to anything in the left menu, I’d prfer to remove it altogether - at the moment, they still have the arrow to expand and contract the left menu - but there’s nothing in it, so it’s not required.

is this not possible within access policies?

Ah I found the media button - it’s under: file_manager.
Unchecked that, and the media button is gone!
Wold like to remove the entire side popout menu though, as it’s redundant for these user.

I believe your admin lite user group would still need access to the User menu at the bottom, correct? Otherwise they cannot logout or update their own basic record info. Regardless, the layout doesn’t really make removing the leftmost column an option, as it contains the branding/logo at the top and the search field (which I’d assume you’d want all users to have access to).

That said, if you’re thinking the overall UI/layout might need to be revisited I’d have to agree.

Yes good point about logging.
It’s the contextual menu which is bugging me because the user has no access to resources, elements or files, but it still opens and closes - with nothing in it.

It’s not a deal breaker - just wondered if I was missing something simple.

Overall I think the UI is pretty good.

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