Access only to the selected document

What is the easiest way to make for a group of users access in CMS (MODX 3.0.3) only to a selected resource (id 11).

In the CMS in the resource (id 11) there is a special page module, to which I need to assign a group of users, but so that after logging into the CMS they see only the resource (id 11). All other resources should be hidden.

Are these manager users, front-end users, or both?

Only manager users in CMS.


  1. Create a Resource Group called AllDocs
  2. Add all Resources on the site to the group
  3. Go to System (gear icon) → Access Control Lists
  4. Right-click on the Administrator Group and select “Update User Group”
  5. Click on the “Permissions Tab” at the top
  6. Click on “Resource Group Access” tab at the left
  7. Click on the “Add Resource Group” button.
  8. Select the AllDocs group in the dropdown on the first line.
  9. Select the “mgr” context on the second line.
  10. Select the “Resource” policy in the “Access Policy” dropdown on the bottom line.
  11. Click on the “Save” button.

This will hide all Resources from anyone who is not in the Administrator User Group.

Now you need to give your restricted users access to the Resources they can see.

Now create a Resource Group called UserDocs (or whatever) and a User Group with the same name.

Follow the steps above to connect the User Group and Resource Group you just created to each other.

That will give them access to just the restricted Resources.

On the Manage menu in the Manager’s main menu, Flush permissions and log out all users.

Fire up another browser, and log on as one of the restricted users. You should only see the restricted resources.

Hopefully, you’ve already given them access to the ‘mgr’ context with a special policy, based on the Administrator template, but with limited permission. For example, if they have the access_permissions permission, they can change anyone’s permissions and password, including yours. You may not want them to be able to delete Resources, or do other things with them. If so, you’ll don’t want to use the Resource Policy in the second section above. You’ll need to create a new policy, based on the Resource Policy Template that has some permissions unchecked.

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Thank you very much for your help. I will try to implement the settings according to your recommendations. Regards.