A review of MODX 3.0.0, testing and issues

I downloaded 3.0.0-dev and spent some time reviewing it right from install.
For the sake of convenience, I just typed my notes as I went along in a Coda doc here:

If you log in to your own Google account, it will let you leave comments as well.

Not all of the points I found are major bugs or issues or worth creating Github issues for. If anybody is also going through 3.0.0 maybe they can verify some of these to know it’s not just me.

So far so good on V3 though, I like!


Hi @vigilante, that’s a great review!

I disagree that those points aren’t worth creating Github issues for. If you don’t they may be forgotten or overlooked.
I reckon create the issues so they’re kept visible - even if they’re things quickly fixed.

(or fixed years later) :wink:

It’s definitely worth filing them! Anything referred to only in the forums is almost guaranteed to fall through the cracks.

Fantastic review, BTW. It’s critical that newer users of MODX do what you’re doing because most of us old-timers don’t notice that stuff any more.

You’re spot on about the odd step in Setup where you have to click on the “Test Database” link before you can progress to the next page. That’s not at all obvious and I remember getting stuck there a long time ago. Possibly the link could be a ‘NEXT’ button that is replaced by the success or error message. The link could also be a button with text like “Next (Verify DB Connection)” and be placed down where the Next buttons normally appear.

On the “Preview” issue: that term was changed to “View” but the change hasn’t been made everywhere. If you save a new resource and wait a few seconds, a “View” button should appear at the top right that lets you see the page. You can also get there by right-clicking on the pagetitle in the tree at the left and selecting “View.” That right-click menu is also under-documented, imo.

Also, I see that blank console bug all the time when clearing the cache, though I no longer see it in Package Management). It’s been there forever.

The messages, btw, are not emails. They’re sort of IMs built into the Manager. There was talk of removing that feature, but I think there was feedback that some people used it (I have a client who does). It could be made less visible, though, since the Message Manager extra provides support for the system and an easier interface for those who want it.

Thanks for providing useful feedback! All issues are worth reporting on GitHub.

PR’s fixing bugs are also very welcome!

Edit: I submitted a PR to update old and broken links: https://github.com/modxcms/revolution/pull/14936

This is still not clear.
The text at the top of the template edit screen suggests that if I edit a template, users will still see the cached version until the cache is emptied. However, I tested this and my changes to a template were visible immediately, whether logged in to manager, or from an incognito window as a guest.

So under what circumstances will users see old cached templates?

Also, when I click the View button on a resource, it just opens the normal page URL no different than if I browsed to the page directly. In other words, how can I tell the difference between looking at the “preview” version of the page (not cached), versus looking at the normal (possibly cached) version. There doesn’t seem to be any way to tell.

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Definitely a very thorough review there - only very few of the listed issues are specific to the 3.0 alpha, though. Most of them would also apply to 2.x.

There’s an “Empty Cache” checkbox, checked by default. When that’s checked it will clear the cache when you save.

Extras like CacheMaster may uncheck that to avoid wiping the entire cache until you want to.

MODX doesn’t have a “preview” built-in. You may find this extra interesting though (not yet tested/formally supported on 3.x):

(Not yet tested on v3).

It’s may be a little cumbersome, but StageCoach will let you stage changes to a resource that you schedule to be implemented later. It lets you look at the staged version before it takes effect.

This issue was simply about the way the text explained things at the top of the template edit screen. It suggests that changes to templates won’t be seen, and it suggests there is a “preview” feature. Both of which aren’t exactly clear or true.

I’m simply saying the text may need updated to be more clear for users.

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