Обновление 3.0.1-pl до 3.0.3-DEV?

Tell me, is it worth updating 3.0.1-pl to 3.0.3-DEV?
sad situation. I performed a number of actions to speed up the site, but the performance did not change according to pagespeed, but the same actions to speed up the site by 2.8.4, the performance reached 89%. I regretted that I updated 3.0.1-pl.

3.0.3-DEV is not an official release.
Updating to 3.0.2 (or 3.0.3-DEV) will fix some bugs, but probably not affect the site performance.

Without knowing what you did exactly, it’s hard to say, why it worked on MODX 2.x and not on MODX 3.

  1. Hello.To upgrade to 3.0.2 download from the modx website, do not update via CMS?
  2. MODX Revo performed css compression,js,minification,webp,lazy,MinifyX, modx minify. lazy background cannot be enabled, cannot improve performance. in the red zone.

What do you mean by “update via CMS”?
You can download it from the MODX website or use the extra UpgradeMODX. It makes no difference.

So is there a specific extra that doesn’t work in MODX 3 anymore (and still works in MODX 2.x)?

I mean, something like lazy loading of images happens in Javascript and should be independent of the MODX version.

Hello. Through the CMS, I talked about Upgrade MOD X, but it shows the installation of 3.0.3-DEV, not 3.0.2.

Everything that is installed to speed up the loading of the site works, they do not give out errors - there is no result. Therefore, I assumed that the problem is in the new version of the CMS

Really? When I install UpgradeMODX on MODX 3.0.1, I can see version 3.0.2!
It this the current version of UpgradeMODX? Maybe check the system settings like ugm_show_modx3, ugm_pl_only, etc.

From a technical standpoint, I can’t think of anything that would make MODX 3 noticeably slower.

yes, exactly , specified 3.0.3-DEVELOPER.

ugm_show_modx3 - worth “no”
ugm_pl_only - worth “yes”
As for the loading speed of the site, I do not know what is the matter and what to do, the performance is 38% (

ugm_show_modx3 should be “yes”, if you are already using MODX 3. (This setting is just to avoid, that users unintentionally upgrade to MODX 3.)

Not sure why it shows you a dev version in the list, when the setting ugm_pl_only is set to “yes”.

The screenshot you posted, is not from the UpgradeMODX extra. This is a default dashboard widget of MODX 3.

MODX Revolution 3.0.2-pl ?