2023: How to setup ModX 3.0.3.-pl to send emails via formular

Hi all,
I have read through and tried out many quite old positings regarding how to setup ModX to send emails via a formular on our webpage.
I even created a googlemail adress for us, as it seemed to be easier to get things running.
However, I never receive an email when using our form on the page, nothing. And as I know there are many skilled ModXers here, I would like to ask for some detailed ionformation opn what I need to do in order to receive emails from our contact-form using a googlemail account.

I already tried:
SMTP Authentication: Yes
SMTP Connection Prefix: tls
SMTP Hosts: smtp.gmail.com
SMTP Password: yourGmailPassword
SMTP Port: 465
SMTP User: yourGmailUsername
Use SMTP: Yes

but it still does not send me any mail…
Please help…

Did you take a look a this page?

Ys I did and it is almost the same as what I found, it is also 3 years old and there is no * SMTP Connection Prefix = ssl in the current version of (or at least my version of) modX. There is mail_smtp_autotls which I set to Yes.

All other settings are as described in your link, still nothing in sent folder nor in inbox from which I used in the form. Would be really helpful to get up to date settings somehow.

It looks like this setting has been renamed to mail_smtp_secure.

This is a different setting:

So I now set mail_smtp_secure to ssl
mail_smtp_autotls to No.

Still no mail…

And I also checked formit.user_email is set to the googlemail address in use

Maybe try troubleshooting the problem with the extra “QuickEmail” according to this article:

If you use two-factor authentication at Google, Google now requires you to set up an App password in order to use your SMTP account outside of Google.

About a third of the way down this page, you can see the recommended settings for Google SMTP and a note on getting an App password.