Wrong Charset in Error Log

MODX version 2.8.1
all extensions up to date

I just migrated a site to a new server and used a new MODX install the version were the same. But a charset with a high bit count is being added into the error log. And i cant find the reason for it,

Also the Error Log wont load and just keeps displaying “working”.

[2020-10-29 16:45:18] (ERROR @
…/modx/modparser.class.php : 541) Could not find
snippet with name ���R��+�xv�%}]��}S���W�u��g�z��o�+�����=n�’:;��u��’:�o�O�f<yϋF��Sו̭����4L1Ư�s� N~�Hv�N��������bڥ^,���Z��MewQ����Z�J�=�.��|�4� �N]}#m��Q����X�}{#�6ʜ��.�_O��ײ��V�z9ޛ�mUۮ�����������$�6�V8A%Zt�*�cp��{LX(�$=�C�BC�*�]����E�:7��T��zh.z� U��VΦ��\�@�z�?� G�X��g�g= ��^��(�ga�Q|#H�� a��SlN�fz��莑���M���"�u���;�Q��EVQ;�a�eKe!�H�*�r"gO.

thanks in advance.

For starters, make sure the character set and collation in the core/config/config.inc.php file match those of the DB. Check the DB itself, the tables in it, and the text columns within the tables.

This might help: Convert DB Charset

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I’ve checked all the tables and they seem to match charsets, only difference is that I can see is that the Storage engine is different InnoDb instead of MyISAM

And the database was already set to utf8

How was the database or its contents transferred to the new server? It is my understanding that in order to migrate from MyISAM to InnoDB a conversion process has to be undertaken. Ryan Thrash has written an article about it here:

Convert your MyISAM Database to InnoDB with phpMyAdmin

I also found this: Safe way of changing mysql engine from InnoDB to MyISAM

Another thing to think about is the character set of the original database.

In other words, the character set of the data in the tables may not match the character set of the new tables.