Working Markdown Editor for Revo?

Hello all,

the Markdown editor doesn’t seem to work with Revo - is there an alternative?

I would like to use Markdown - I would also like to have an editor preview.

Parsedown seems to work… and even seems to be imported by the core - so I wonder - if I might have overlooked something?

As far as I can tell, in core MODX the parsedown library is only used to display the changelog/readme files of the extras on the “Package Management” page.

I tried to install the extra Markdown Editor on MODX 3. And although I get an error during the installation (probably a resolver that fails), it still seems to work.

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Thank you for your answer

I had an SQL error during the installation and then didn’t try the editor any further - I might do that again.

I modified this snippet a bit and tried it out…

it instantiates Parsedown - and seems to work. However, this editor in particular still has some very useful features…

I’ll have another look at it.