Work with files

Hello colleagues!
We all often need to work with a file style.css

Add new selectors and rules, etc.
The question is how can this be conveniently done from the admin panel of the site?

What do you mean by conveniently? You can just double click the style.css and edit it right?
If you need syntax highlighting i recommend the Ace addon.

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I tried - the file style.css cannot be edited from the admin panel.

That screenshot (with the blank panel on the right) suggests a javascript error when rendering the page. Can you try opening the browsers developer tools to check the error, to see if we can make sense of that?

If the style.css is very large, that could also be a problem.

Generally speaking I’d suggest editing styles in an IDE (e.g. webstorm/vs code/etc) instead of within MODX, and only use MODX for content management. Some tools support remote sources so they automatically update it via sFTP.

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