White page after save a chunk

Μy website works perfectly and suddenly when save a chunk Render white page. why?
I have turn off mod security.

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After you’ve turned off mod_security did you manually clear or rename the core/cache folder? It would be a good idea to do this. Have you tried creating a chunk with some very simple content like: ‘Hello’ - does this save?

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i deleted all files inside core/cache. Yes, I create succesfully simple content “hello”

Forgot to say welcome, so Welcome! This does sound like mod_security - are you absolutely certain it’s off?

Welcome to Modx Team, mod security is turn off because another modx setup works perfectly on same hosting account. Please help me.

Welcome to the community @papagim. Sorry to hear you are having problems.

What version of MODX are you running? I was reading somewhere that pre-MODX 2.1 the, “publishedon” value gets wiped sometimes…

Have you tried disabling plugins?

MODX version is 2.7.1. I have disable all plugins but problem not solved.

Let’s go back to mod_security. You say it is turned off, but mod_security only causes problems when it it turned on. You have a hoster, right? You would need to ask them to turn off mod_security.

What exactly turns white page when you save a chunk, the manager or the site front-end? Does that happen immediately or after a refresh?