Where can I find the MODX included opensans fonts?

I’m looking for the google fonts included below my header chunk. It’s in the head tag and is not part of my chunk. It’s being included by MODX and can’t find where it’s coming from.

It’s looking like it’s being included from a javascript file somewhere but no idea where to find it.


If you are talking about the front end of your site, then there’s nothing that is included by MODX itself. If you can’t find it in any chunk, maybe check your .css files (usually there’s an @import line at the very top) or have a look in your included scripts? There might also be a direct reference in your template maybe?

Hi Vibedesign. Yes, I am talking about the front end. I only have 1 stylesheet and it’s a file on the filesystem that I have told the back end to include. I wrote that stylesheet myself and am not using @import anywhere in it. It really is a mystery to me.

Do you have installed any Extras?
If it is not in your template and not in any chunk, which you use in your template or called in with a snippet, it could be a installed plugin, which adds stuff.

I’m new to MODX so bear with me on the jargon, but if you’re talking about Extras in the sense of addon functionality, then yes, I loaded getResources, quip, getPage, getArchives, Archivist and tagger I believe. I am 100% certain there is nothing in any of the chunks that would include these fonts.

The DOM is being manipuated because the body tag includes class=“loaded” which is being added with JavaScript. I haven’t included any new JavaScripts so it has to be part of the core.

As far as I’m aware, none of your mentioned extras will add a font to your template on it’s own.

I would recommend having a brief look in the docs to understand each element-type and it’s usecase.

You can also share your template code so we can have a closer look what’s going on. (Make sure to wrap your code block in three backticks to have it nicely formatted: ``` code ```)

I found it. I used the default index.html file that shipped with MODX, and at the bottom of that file is a JS call to include the font from Google.

Thank you for the resource link though, I’ll familiarize myself with the element-types, it can’t hurt.

Thank you for the help!

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