When choosing a document template, there is no complete list

MODX Revolution 2.7.1-pl

Hello, multiple contexts, multiple user groups. The administrator sees all the templates, and the other group of users is not all.

Patterns are categorized. I noticed that for another group, the templates are shown from a specific category, but not all templates from all categories. If you pull a template out of the category, it starts to show up in the selection of patterns. I removed limited rights to the user group and assigned admin rights - it didn’t help.

Question. Is it a bug or do you need some kind of special group rights to give or settings special to perform?

That sounds like you have ACLs set up for some categories. The ones that some user groups can’t access are probably restricted to administrators.

Take a look at your user groups via System > Access Control Lists, comparing the Permissions > Element Category Access tab for your admin group with the group of the user that doen’t see them all.