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What to improve on my site?

Hello everyone! I hope you could help me improve my site.

I am working with a canvas site and asking for your honest feedback about my work. You can answer this question as you go through my site.

  1. What do you think of the over all design of the site?
  2. Is there any issue you encountered when you opened the site?
  3. Is my website user-friendly? What can you recommend to make the site more user-friendly and appealing.

I just want to know if I am doing good. Please! Thank you!

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Gorgeous site, really. I do notice the text in the ‘Superb Quality Prints’ section bleeds into the free shipping area (on a large monitor)

Also the text needs a native speaker to go over it, its just a bit messy

You should be commended on this design, its really brilliant.

I think maybe related products snippet could be under ‘additional information’ and above faq in item view. I clicked on butterfly and way way down found other products but they had no relationship at all to the butterfly…oh actually they were recently viewed, so that’s good. But still, I think up under additional information for the item could be better as they narrow down their decision or buy two lol.

I found such a simple snippet that grabbed related content was nice, my users could keep clicking and not need to go to the main page every time. But, it requires some data for each image, like ‘nature’ or ‘animals’ or ‘insects’. Also that part of the page has a long stretch of no pictures

Also the per-item reviews is a nice touch at bottom