What if this does not work?


Hi All,

The above uploaded image is a old forum post I found to take down your website (be it temporary or permanent). Now I wanted to bring everything offline as we are taking down the whole webservices for a customer of ours. And now that I turned the value to “No” it remains online.

Is there anything I might be missing?

Steps taken:

  1. site_status → no
  2. Cache → cleared
  3. Access → revoked accounts customer

What to do next? (P.s. I am going to try and get into the FTP right now and do it through .htaccess)
But if there are any steps I could take first in the future, would be helpful.

Kind regards,

Are you logged in to the manager?

Yes, but I tried reaching it through incognito as well. And it still seems to work.

Edit: Tried with being logged out as well. Still up…

Edit2: Seems to have been a delay of about 30 minutes in the process. It is finally giving me a http error now.

Seems to have been a delay in cache type issue.