What do you use for automatic website testing?

Hi All,

I am looking into automated testing tools for the frontend and backend.
What tools do you use for this? I am wanting to start exploring this world for obvious reasons :slight_smile:

Cheers all and thanks

Codeception! It wraps PhpUnit, so you can create Unit, Integration, Functional, and Acceptance tests.

I’m writing a series of blog posts on using it with MODX but they won’t appear any time soon.


Wishing it was any time soon :wink:

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Working on it. :wink: But it’s a long series, with articles on installing Composer, Codeception and PhpUnit, unit testing (at least 10 articles), integration testing, functional testing, and acceptance testing. At the current rate, the acceptance testing articles will come out around next October :frowning:

The installation articles are due in April/March.

If you register at Bob’s Guides, you’ll get email notifications when the articles are published. Just be sure to select the MODX checkbox.

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